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Top 10 Yoga Mat Bags 2017

Are you a yoga freak? You definitely need a bag to carry your mat. Toting a mat around is much easier with a bag. Best thing is that there are plenty of types to choose from.

When it comes to yoga, you don’t just carry a mat. You’re showcasing your style as well so be picky when buying one.

Yoga mat bags range from the simple strap types to the multipurpose gym bag types. Regardless, there’s always a bag for every one.

In the top 10 list that follows, you’re sure to find the perfect bag for you.

That said, there is a lot more to consider than style. Here’s a basic guide:


Size is utterly important when buying a yoga mat. Keep on the cautious side by choosing a bag that’s slightly bigger than your mat. The width of your mat is what determines the right length of bag. Luckily, PVC-style mats fit into most yoga bags you see in stores or sports houses.


When it comes to material, yoga mat bags aren’t made the same. Nylon is lightweight and looks good. It’s also the easiest to clean in case of spills and stains. Linen and cotton are delicate as they’re harder to clean. Canvas is strong and the best option to guard against spills. It is very durable and easy to maintain.

If you carry a lot of stuff to the gym, canvas is the best option. Nylon, cotton, and linen suffice for average use.


Price-wise, yoga mat bags range from $20 to $500 depending on a host of factors. What’s important is that there’s a bag for every budget. You can always find good deals when you search online. Pricier options are plenty too if budget isn’t a problem.


Style is a personal thing but like price, there’s something for every taste, from regular backpacks to slings and top-loading varieties, among others.

10. Large Yoga Mat Bag by Gecko Active

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When it comes to size, most yoga mats are catered for. However, getting a mat bag that is large enough is not always easy.
The Large Yoga Mat Bag by Gecko Active takes care of size issues. It comes in extra large size so you can carry the largest mat available. It is, by far, the largest yoga may bag available, measuring 27 by 7 inches. It offers enough room for all gym essentials.

A dual odor-free system as well as an intuitive contouring zipper design are the other features that make this oversized bag tick.

9. Yoga EVO Yoga Mat Bag

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When doing yoga, your mat is your workout machine. Chances are it will be sweaty and sticky after a session, which can breed all sorts of odors.

Find a bag that allows your mat enough ‘breathing space’  to dry up when you’re done training.

The Yoga EVO yoga mat is designed to keep your mat dry all the time and keep odors at bay. The open sides allow for air to sweep over the mat so that it dries up fast. There’s a nifty mobile pocket as well as a side bag for the water bottle.

8. Peace Yoga Yoga Mat Carrier Tote Bag With Adjustable Straps

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Sometimes carrying a one-size-fits-all bag can be time saving  and this is what you get with the Peace Yoga Mat Carrier.

This totte’s adjustable straps let you easily adjust the way you carry your bag while on the run. It’s big enough to fit your yoga mat while leaving enough room for your other items.

7. Gaiam Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bag

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Simplicity is fashionable in its own right and no bag does it better than the Gaiam Top-Loading Yoga mat bag. It’s simple top-loading design is what makes it so appealing. If you’re the minimalist type, this is the perfect bag for you. Its straightforward hand-held design is ideal for strolling.

The bag comes in multiple colors to suit a variety of tastes. It is made from 100 percent organic cotton, which gives the mat plenty of breathing room.

6. Gaiam Easy-Cinch Yoga Mat Slings

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These simple mat slings are made for hectic lifestyles. You only carry the weight of your mat and nothing else. It’s simple and hassle-free, ideal for people who bike to the gym.

5. Aurorae Yoga Multi Purpose Crossbody Sling Back Pack

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If you are doing multiple workout classes, take this stylish, versatile backpack with you. The main backpack carries regular workout gear while the side extension carries the yoga mat. There’s another handy side mesh pocket for a water bottle.

4. Compact Yoga Mat Bag

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The Compact yoga mat bag is lightweight and stylish. Its ingenious design features an adjustable strap that holds the bag contents, which greatly differs from the typical closed zipper styles.

It also features two exterior mesh pockets on opposite sides. It’s completely mess free and made from recycled materials. It’s also a bargain, ideal if you don’t want to splash out on a yoga mat bag. It’s made to carry only the most essential of your gym items, nothing more.

3. Yoga Addict Large Yoga Mat Bag “Compact” With Pockets, 28″ Long

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This stretchable piece is a specialty bag designed primarily for carrying yoga mats. It comes in different colors to make it easy to match it with your gym outfit.

The bag measures 28 inches long, the perfect length for the ideal yoga mat bag. If a mat doesn’t fit, the bag stretches to create extra room.

2. Lululemon Run Ways Duffel

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Some people carry lots of gear to the gym, which is what this duffel is made for. The straps hold the yoga mat in place and when not in use, you can neatly tuck them away.

The Lululemon duffel not only carries a ton but also looks good. It can also double as a weekender bag.

1. YogaAddict Yoga Mat Bag “Supreme” With Pocket, 28″ & 30″ Long

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After searching high and low, sifting through countless user reviews, in addition to getting a firsthand feel of the bag, the conclusion is that the YogaAddict Yoga Mat Bag “Supreme” With Pocket is the best yoga mat bag you can lay your hands on at the moment.

This bag is large enough to hold mats of any size yet you can fold it to make it compact.

Compartments can stretch a little bit for those times you need extra space for bigger-sized items.

YogaAddict Yoga Mat Bag “Supreme” is more than a yoga mat bag. It’s the ultimate gym bag.

Wrapping Up

There is a lot of variety and styles when it comes to yoga mat bags. No bag is perfect for all. Decide what you need to carry to the gym and purchase accordingly.

A basic guide to RC trucks

Ever wanted to own a scale model truck but didn’t know where to start? Perhaps you’ve seen someone tackling the terrain with a truck and wished you could drive your own. Maybe you owned one from years ago and want to rekindle the excitement? No matter the case, RC trucks are a big addiction.

If you want to reignite your childhood hobby, there’s no better time than now.

Countless models

RC trucks come in a range of styles and models depending on how they’re powered. The main types are electric, nitro, and petrol trucks.

Should it matter how a truck is powered?

For newbies, this may seem trivial but, in fact, the way an RC truck is powered does matter a lot. Before you dip into your pocket to buy a truck, you need to learn what options are available.

Electric RC trucks are battery powered, which means the truck runs until the charge on the battery is depleted, much like any battery-powered gadget .

Nitro RC models are powered by a ‘nitro’ fuel, a methanol based liquid that contains nitromethane (hence the name nitro).

Finally there are petrol RC trucks that use petrol. As you’d guess, both nitro and petrol powered RC trucks have miniature fuel burning engines.
The finer details:

Electric models

Electric models are easy to setup and drive. They come in ready to drive ‘toy’ style. Running an electric RC truck is as easy as plugging in a charged battery and flipping the power switch on.

As you’d expect, electric models are also easier to drive. Since there’s no fuel sloshing around when the tank is half-full, these trucks tend to maintain a stable center of gravity, making them easy to drive. They’re also considered cleaner since they don’t burn any fuel.

For all their simplicity, however, they’re not a hobbyist favorite as they lack a certain thrill you can only get from a fuel powered trucks.

Nitro and petrol models

Fuel burning models – nitro and petrol – are far different. They’re not ready to drive out of the box. You need to do some prep work to get them working. You also need to tinker a bit with the truck to extract the best performance from it.

Because they burn fuel, these trucks work similar to real cars. For instance, instead of motors they use engines. They have a drive-train, a chassis, and also sound like a real car.

Obviously fuel powered models are outdoor types. And since they burn fuel, they’re ‘dirtier’ to run.
While nitro and petrol models have many similarities, they’re actually different. Hardcore hobbyists prefer petrol models and believe they’re a  notch up from nitro types.

What’s the best RC truck?

It all boils down to two things:

1. The amount of work you’re willing to put into tweaking the truck and getting it ready for the road and
2. Your level of enthusiasm. Nitro and petrol models are not newbie friendly as it takes some effort to get them up and going.  Start with electric models if you’re new to RC trucks.

However, if it is the hands-on experience you’re craving then the fuel-burning models are unmatched. It takes effort to get a nitro/petrol model up and going.

The bottomline

RC trucks are fun. Regardless of age, there’s a truck for every one. Don’t rely only on power system to decide which model to buy. Other factors are important too such as where you want to use it and whether you will be participating in hobbyist races or not, among others.

DIY custom hand painted skateboard deck: the perfect Christmas gift

A custom hand painted skateboard deck is the perfect gift to put a smile on your boyfriend’s face. With a DIY skateboard deck, you get a completely unique item that is sure to blow your loved one away. Best of all you get to choose a unique design and then paint it yourself with an easy DIY guide.

A lot of websites can help you create a custom deck but the Pavoz website makes it super easy. With Pavoz, you can be your own artist as well as brand.

The site provides a nifty design tool that allows you to upload your custom artwork, photo, or design to create your custom skateboard deck.

Why Choose a DIY Skateboard Deck For A Gift

A personalized skateboard deck for a Christmas gift is a sure way to show someone you care for them deeply. It shows that you put a lot of thought into the gift. It’s gives them a feeling of being special and loved.

You get a good feeling knowing that you made the design yourself. You instantly become special in your loved one’s eye’s since everyone else will probably buy the mass-produced items stores.

Also, painting the skateboard can be fun. And since you’re doing it online, there is a lot of room for mistakes, which allows you to master the skill with time.

Using A DIY Skateboard Design Tool Via Pavoz

To start painting your DIY deck, visit the Pavoz website and select a deck of your choice. Choose Canadian Maple skateboard decks for the highest quality wood. All the skateboard decks on the website feature a custom hand painted design that is editable. However you can create your own from scratch or upload a new one.

Once you’ve chosen a deck, you’re then redirected to the online design tool, which features six functions that accomplish the following:

  • Choosing color
  • Uploading custom artwork
  • Creating new design from scratch
  • Adding text
  • Previewing the design on canvas

Once you’re pleased with the design, you can head right to the checkout page and claim it.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Musical Dancing Palace

Want a little palace for your little royal this Christmas? Why not get them the Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Musical Dancing Palace.

Complete with full figures of Belle, Belle’s prince, and Cinderella, this magical palace comes with a pair of revolving dance floors that are sure to excite your child. To activate the dance floors along with fun musicals, catch phrases, and other sounds, your little princess simply needs to spin the lever and the figures will twist and twirl to the sound accompaniment.

Key Highlights:

  • Comes with figures of Cinderella, Belle, and Belle’s prince.
  • A pair of revolving floors
  • A spinning lever that sets off the musicals, sounds, and fun phrases that give the dancers rhythm
  • A complete palace that comprises a dancing floor, bedroom, dining room, and dressing room.
  • Trumpet ceremonial sounds that play when doors open


Role play

The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Musical Dancing Palace is the ultimate toy for your child’s imaginative play. Finally your little tot can recreate all her Disney fantasies using the baby favorite Disney figures Belle, Belle’s prince, and Cinderella. Imagination never stops to grow in this magical place. Your baby will love re-creating stories of her own.

But it’s not all play for your baby with this giant palace toy. As she plays with the different figures, she starts to comprehend spatial relations. She starts to understand that her actions can cause things to happen.

Palatial palace

The musical dancing palace is the centerpiece of this toy and it’s complete with a dressing room, dining room, bedroom, and a dance floor. It is spacious enough for your tot to play and pretend.

Every Little People Disney princess is recognized by the palace and it will reply with her name, a fun song, and a special phrase.

In true royal fashion, the palace is equipped with a lift to carry the princess up the balcony, a mirror to tell the fairest of them all, and a fountain lever that slides back and forth to make the princesses dance.

True Royalty

Whenever the doors of the Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Musical Songs Palace swing open, a trumpet fanfare is played. Whistling sounds will set off when the tea kettle is pushed down. And when Cinderella steps on the Magic Dance floor, she sings A Dream is a wish your Heart Makes. Snow white sings Waiting for my prince

Each of the other figures will sing their songs and say their phrases when they are brought to the magical palace.

Wrapping Up

There’s no doubt your tot will instantly fall in love with this magical palace, were Belle and Cinderella relive their Disney magical moments, all in the control of your baby. She will recreate her favorite Disney princesses and play to the tunes of her beloved Disney songs. This magical palace will surely add magic to your family’s holiday season.

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